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What do we treat

Due to the exceptional combination of musculoskeletal medicine and McKenzie based mechanical movement assessment, we are able to offer bespoke treatment. At Rugpoli Amsterdam we work by the "one-stop-shop" principle. This means your appointsments will be scheduled on the same day. When your complaints prove persistent or do not improve quickly enough due to the treatment at Rugpoli Amsterdam, it is possible to receive neurological, rheumatological or anesthesiological diagnosis and care within Rugpoli Randstad (located in Hoofddorp). If necessary, and MRI can be made there.



  • Back problems:
    Acute, long term, post-operative residual symptoms, radiating symptoms, work related symptoms, lumbosacral stenosis, and osteoporotic collapsed fractures.
  • Neck problems: 
    Acute, long term, post-operative residual symptoms, radiating symptoms in the arm or leg, work related symptoms
  • Headache
  • Joint problems: 
    Shoulder, RSI and hip problems 
  • Post-accident symptoms, including whiplash

By means of the musulosceletal and mechanical examination we can often indicate one or several structures causing the pain. This structure can be treated, to help alleviate the pain.  

A combination of the musculosceletal and mechanical treatment, can yield lasting results.