Subject: Medisch voet- rugcentrum is now called Rugpoli Amsterdam

Tania Koolhaas-Wilke sadly passed away at the beginning of 2022. Before her passing, she has asked Rugpoli to take over the care of her patients. This is why the Medisch voet- rugcentrum is transferred to Rugpoli Amsterdam on the first of February 2022. Despite the fact that Tania is no longer with us, Premie, Guido, Marianne, together with musculoskeletal doctor Luuc de Koning, will continue to care for Tania's patients. Luuc has been working as a musculoskeletal doctor in Amsterdam and Almere since 2011 and will now see Tania's patients and his own patients at 53 Helmholtzstraat in Amsterdam.

You can make an appointment for musculoskeletal medicine treatments and massages via 085-1055120. For podiatry we refer you to the Dutch Association for Podiatrists.

You can contact Rugpoli Amsterdam for:

  • Back and neck complaints:
    • acute or long-lasting
    • residual complaints after surgery
    • radiating complaints in arm or leg
    • work-related complaints
    • lumbosacral stenosis
    • osteoporotic collapsed fractures
  • Headache
  • Joint problems (for example, shoulder, RSI and hip)
  • Post-accidental symptoms, including whiplash.

If your complaints prove persistent and do not improve quickly enough, it is possible to receive neurological, rheumatological or anesthesiological diagnosis and care (with MRI if necessary) within Rugpoli Randstad (Hoofddorp).

We would like to welcome you from February 1st 2022 in our renovated building at 53 Helmholtzstraat in Amsterdam.

Safe healthcare for patients and staff at Rugpoli Amsterdam with regard to the Corona virus

For the safety of vulnerable people and to maintain our continuity of care, we ask you to respect the following measures at Rugpoli Amsterdam:

  • Please disinfect your hands when you enter the building.
  • In our clinic we advise you to wear a face mask when 1.5 meters distance cannot be kept.
  • We do not shake hands.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Managing board